Booking Your Class

1. Log in to Mindbody to verify your account details and email address are current. Please click here to log in. You must use the same email that you are registered with on Mindbody when logging in via web browser or the BYI app. 
 2. Each time you book a class, you will receive a confirmation email that contains the Zoom link/ID for your upcoming class. You need to be opted in to all of our email subscriptions in order to receive this email. To view a support article from Mindbody on how to opt in click here. 
 3. Book class through Mindbody at bikramyogairvine.com OR download our BYI app for iOS here or Android here. You can schedule classes up to 3 days in advance. Booking window closes 10 minutes prior to class start. You must book class on Mindbody in order to join the zoom class. 

How To Use Zoom 

1. Click here to download Zoom. 
 2. When you register on Zoom, please use your first and last name as your display/profile name. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS, WE CAN NOT CHECK YOU INTO CLASS. To view a support article on changing your profile name, click here
 3.  Check in opens 15 minutes prior to class time. No late entry once class has started.
 4. When you are ready, make sure you are logged in to your Zoom account on your device before you click on the meeting link. 

Setting Up Your Home Practice 

1. Choose a smaller room, with a full length mirror if possible. A space heater and humidifier will help, but are not necessary. Wear pants/tights and long sleeves–nothing too loose or baggy. You want to keep your body warm, while still being able to move your body freely.
 3. Position your device as low as possible (floor is best) and angled at a 45 degree angle to your body. Camera should show your full body (including your mat) when you are standing on your mat. We should also be able to see you when you are lying down on the mat. We highly recommend that you turn your video on during your class. This allows our teachers to interact with you and offer corrections during class.
4. Before starting class, we will announce a “Demo” student–usually a BYI teacher or staff member who is in class. If you wish to see proper form and technique, you can choose to “pin video” of the Demo. Pinning video means you will only see that person’s video on your device. On a smart phone or tablet, simply double tap on the Demo.  On a desktop/laptop, click on upper right corner of Demo’s video window and you will see the option to “pin video”.   
 5. If you need to step away during class, do not leave the Zoom meeting room, just mute your audio and stop your video as needed. If you leave the meeting room, we will not be able to re-admit you. 
 6. Set aside time to test your Zoom set up before your class. Once you have entered the Zoom class, we are unable to offer assistance. Here’s a support article on how to test video and audio.

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