Spring clean your mind and body with 30 days of unlimited yoga. Challenge yourself to 30 classes in 30 days, or set your own goal to simply practice more. It’s the perfect way to detox, refresh and find balance again. Complete 30 classes in 30 days and win 20% off one class package! 

Click button below to purchase $159 May Challenge pass. Register by this Friday 4/28 and save $20 (no code required). Auto pay members no need to purchase, just email info@bikramyogairvine.com to register. Pass valid for 30 consecutive days unlimited yoga 5/1-5/30. All memberships will be frozen for duration of challenge except for unlimited passes. 20% discount must be redeemed by June 30, 2023. 


$29 Two Week Trial

New students only
14 consecutive days unlimited yoga

A Safe and Effective Workout For Any Size, Any Age, and Any Gender

The Bikram method is accessible to everyone. You do not need to have yoga experience or even be remotely athletic. The sequence of postures is designed to be safe and allows you to move at your own pace and while offering the option to always go deeper to build strength, flexibility and balance.

90 minutes

We do it all Ninety Long.

Serving the original recipe of Bikram Yoga since 2008.

Bikram Yoga is the original hot yoga sequence taught in the US since 1973. We offer 90 min and 55 min classes. The sequence is perfect if you are new to yoga. The postures chosen allow you to work to your own level of ability and experience. The heated environment promotes blood circulation, detoxification and complete restoration of health and vitality.

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