Our studio is closed for now, but we are offering FREE UNLIMITED ACCESS to our BYI Live stream classes through April 15th. 

We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone in our community and around the world. As a family-owned and independent studio, we feel so grateful for the support you have given us through these past 11 years–and counting! We are also incredibly thankful and fortunate to have such an amazing group of teachers and staff.
We want to give back, so we are extending FREE access FOR ALL to our BYI Live streaming classes until April 15th. These are full 90 minute classes taught live by the same BYI teachers you know and love. Zoom has proven to be a powerful platform that allows our teachers to see, teach and interact with you. 
Please log in to confirm we have your correct email in Mindbody and that you are opted in to all of our communications. This is critical because we will send the meeting link/ID to this address. If you need help, please click here for a support article. 
BYI couple doing A Frame Posture
2 Week Intro Pass only $29 for unlimited yoga for 14 days. New students only.

90 minutes

We do it all Ninety Long.

Serving the original recipe of Bikram Yoga since 2008.

Bikram Yoga is the original hot yoga sequence taught in the US since 1973. Every class offered is the same 90 minute sequence. The class is perfect if you are new to yoga. The postures chosen allow you to work to your own level of ability and experience. The heated environment promotes blood circulation, detoxification and complete restoration of health and vitality.

A Safe and Effective Workout For Any Size, Any Age, and Any Gender

The Bikram method is accessible to everyone. You do not need to have yoga experience or even be remotely athletic. The sequence of postures is designed to be safe and allows you to move at your own pace and while offering the option to always go deeper to build strength, flexibility and balance.

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