Art. Design. Merch

by Gavin Oglesby, Bikram Yoga Irvine's resident artist


Gavin Oglesby’s alluring artwork has attracted many private and corporate clients including Bon Jovi, Britney Spears, Disney,  Tommy Bahama, and Warner Brothers.  His commercial artwork won major campaigns across the US.  His creations are seen everywhere in daily life.  Gavin Oglesby’s fine art has been the best-kept secret in Orange County.


As a graduate of Fashion Institute and Art Center College of Design, Gavin has been creating artwork for the better part of his life.  He is a traditionally trained artist specializing in oil painting, largely influence by the Academic painters of the19th century.  He is also proficient in a variety of other media.  The hallmark of his style is the ability to achieve organic, illuminated appearances within his fine and digital media.  Gavin can create many different styles of work, but always emphasizes a moment with a refined sense of color and understanding of anatomy.


Gavin’s inclination for the arts started young.  “my mother went into a coma because of an inoperable brain tumor when I was seven, drawing helped distract me while she was gone.”  This traumatic event made Gavin turn inward.  “I knew about the tumor but, I don’t remember her being sick before that, but ever since that three-week period she was in the coma, things were never really normal.”

At the hospital, Gavin drew incessantly.  Drawing became the one constant in his life amidst the chaos.  His mother’s health eventually normalized and Gavin returned to school.  He found that he had become much more advanced artistically than most of his peers.  This also drew people to him in spite of his quiet nature.


Gavin was accepted to FIDM as a graphics and packaging major in 1987.  This served as a great foundation to prepare him for ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena where he studied Illustration and Painting.  Gavin continued with gallery shows, advertising companies, and eventually became a full-time illustrator for a design house.   It was here that Gavin’s talent was launched into the mainstream.  He was an illustrator for major powerhouses, including: Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal, Tommy Bahama, Hard Rock Cafe, Sears, Kohl’s, K-Mart, JC Penny’s, Walmart, Harley Davidson, Nascar, and a host of others.   After eleven years, Gavin parted with the design house to pursue his own art endeavors.


Gavin is also married and a stay at home father of a seven year-old.  He has also recorded and toured worldwide with his band when his schedule has allowed.  He has recently committed to painting exclusively after realizing the commonality of digital media and has begun working on a body a body of work to be presented in galleries sometime next year.